A pan-European price and flow forecast

More than a price forecast

The price and flow forecasts are powered by our fundamental forecasts, which we generate by combining our vast knowledge of the power system and several alternative weather forecasts.

Spot F u n d a m e n t a l s S y s t e m c o n t e n t W e a t h e r s e r v i c e

Continuously updated

Price and flow forecasts for the 32-day horizon are updated immediately after any changes in the fundamental factors/weather/UMMs are registered.

Access to analysts

Besides a comprehensive visualisation and data feed, you can contact our analysts for a discussion or a second opinion.

Focus on your price area

Pick and choose one or more price areas of interest and get them all in one place.

Y o u r c o u n t r y A d j o i n i n g m a r k e t s

Market coupling simplified

Get a full overview of how your price area of interest may be coupled or decoupled, or how it might be affected by adjoining power markets and the rest of Europe too.

Spot F u n d a m e n t a l s S y s t e m c o n t e n t W e a t h e r s e r v i c e


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