PowerMaps ®

Tracking production

In cooperation with Energyinfo, we offer an online market surveillance system of the Nordic power market called PowerMaps®. It offers irreplaceable information for the balancing spot and forward markets.

Service Update frequency Included
Overview of stations, changes in water values, bidding curves etc.
Daily, pre-market 8 a.m.
Nordic nuclear index
Overview of current output with UMM adjusted availability.
Several times per hour, 24/7
Water values
Calculated for key stations.
Daily, pre-market 8 a.m.
Accurate status in key reservoirs.
Weekly 2016
Complete history available. Download graphs, excel data or XML files via web or FTP.
Production monitoring
Overview map with all covered stations and current production status. Access to tables and charts with complete history.
PowerMaps ® alerts!
Receive alerts by e-mail, SMS or online when major changes occur in nuclear- and thermal power production.
When changes occur

What you get

Live monitoring of all key power stations in the Nordic power market. Combining live monitoring data and official information, PowerMaps® offers a unique insight in producer’s behavior in the spot and balancing markets. Calculating and analysing the water values and key hydropower reservoirs. It provides an unmatched insight in the forward expectations and probable production plans for key players in the Nordic market.

About Energyinfo AS

Energyinfo AS is a Norway-based analysis firm, providing the only patented live generation monitoring service for the Nordic region; PowerMaps®. More than 35.000 MW installed capacity and 75 power stations are covered by the service.

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