Oil market analysis

Comprehensive analysis of the oil markets

In cooperation with Energy Aspects, MKonline offers a detailed analysis and forecasting of global oil markets. Coverage includes the supply and demand fundamentals of these global markets and provides comments on key issues such as geopolitics, macroeconomic outlook and market positioning that will impact prices and the forward curve shape. The research draws on fundamentals and a proprietary database as well as a wide network of senior industry contacts.

What you get

An extensive range of reports on MKonline. These reports offer broad coverage of oil market fundamentals from rapid analysis to deep insight.

  • Perspectives: A weekly commentary on key market themes, price action and outlook, released every Monday. Includes detailed quarterly supply-demand balances and refinery turnarounds.
  • E-mail alerts: Rapid insight into how breaking news, company announcements and world events will influence the international oil market.
  • Fundamentals: A comprehensive monthly review of oil and oil product fundamental data, providing an overview of supply, demand, inventories and prices.
  • Data reviews: Timely analysis of supply and demand data releases by country/region or agency report e.g. Chinese demand balances by product, FSU regional crude and product balances, US shale. Over 15 different categories of data review, each updated weekly or monthly.
  • North America quarterly: The most comprehensive guide available to US and Canadian production, shale basins, midstream projects, WTI balances, regional differentials, and the US refining industry.
  • Middle East quarterly: Provides detailed coverage of oil production and consumption in the Middle East and North Africa, with each edition focussing on several new topics.
  • In focus: Quarterly reports exploring different topics in depth, for instance where shale oil fits on the global production cost curve.

About Energy Aspects

Energy Aspects is a London-based research consultancy, specialising in oil and natural gas markets. All its research is independent and draws on proprietary data models and an extensive network of contacts within the global oil industry. Energy Aspects’ goal is to provide the best strategic advice, based on data models and objective analysis, to each of its customers. The company offers a selection of subscription services, spanning the products listed above, to meet the needs of different client groups.

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