Comprehensive fundamental price analysis

Forward are price forecasts for the forward markets in NordPool, Germany and France based on comprehensive fundamental analysis and market intelligence.

The balance of price dependent production defines the price, based on historical data and the results from the EMPS model runs (Nordic areas).

NP DE FR Comment
Forward forecast EMPS Updated before 8 a.m., revised during working days as new information arrives.
Model input and assumptions are delivered as extensions:
Fundamentals Complete set of input data with forecasts, actuals and normals.
Hydrology Hydrology’s impact on forward market expectations and price formation assessed and quantified.
Marginal cost Comment on history and prognosis for assumptions are included in the reports.
Water values

What you get

  • Forecast for the entire curve of Nordic power contracts, expectations for delivered price levels and short and medium-term traded price levels.
  • In-depth assessments of recent market developments and their effect on prices.
  • Complete and consistent historical data and forecasts of relevant fundamentals.
  • Hydrology: Hydrological status, outlook and assessed effect on market players’ price expectation and price formation.
  • Analysis of coal and CO2 markets and their impact on electricity prices.


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