Coal & Freight

Fundamental coal and freight market analysis

In cooperation with Perret Associates, MKonline offers a comprehensive fundamental coal and freight market analysis with data monitoring and price forecasts for the whole curve as well as a wide range of products.

Short-term price forecast

Every working day the coal and freight analysis is updated with market data and relevant forecasts for:

  • API2, API4 and main dry bulk freight contracts.
  • Replacement costs for physical coal delivered via ARA, China and India.
  • Inventories analysis at main hubs and trading volumes.
  • Dark-spreads, spark-spreads and weather updates worldwide.
  • Technical analysis for the main coal and freight contracts.

Medium-term price forecast

  • Reports published every three weeks for analysis and forecast 3 months ahead.
  • Complete coverage of coal products geographically and for high and low qualities.
  • Modelling of coal demand forecast for the main importing countries.
  • Comprehensive inventories analysis and forecast worldwide.

Long-term price forecast

  • One main report per year and 3 quarterly updates.
  • Detailed world supply and demand for steam coal seaborne flows.
  • Price forecast for main coal and freight products up to 20 years ahead.
  • Detailed country analysis (importers and exporters) in each main report.
  • Systematic recalibration of dedicated models for China and India in each update.
  • Detailed cost curve for the main exporting countries (cost of production per mine).

About Perret Associates

Perret Associates is a London-based consultancy, specialised in coal, freight, iron ore and steel. It produces market analysis and forecasts as well as a wide range of consultancies in risk management, business development and strategy for international companies eager to develop their trading activities.

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