Long term

Access market insight and long-term price forecasts. Benefit from professional perspectives and cost efficient decision support for investments in power and energy assets.

The preferred intelligence source

Receive trusted price forecasts and market intelligence for decision making, investments, acquisition or information gathering on behalf of your clients.

20 years' experience

Access our vast market knowledge. Get advises from MK discussion partners on power related topics, from market design to market mechanism.

Always up to date

Acquire continuously updated market intelligence and price forecasts conveniently online.


Get analysis that is designed to fit your specific criteria, market position and cost- and risk-profile.

On-site presentation

Participate at an on-site introductory course where complex market analysis is boiled down to a few decision alternatives relevant for you.

Efficient decision making

Secure yourself the best available input from experienced power professionals, timely and cost-efficient access to market data and individual consulting.

Nord Pool

Continuously updated 25 year outlook on potential system change investments, consistent forecast of fundamentals and price scenarios for the Nord Pool area.

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Coal & Freight

Quarterly updated 15-year outlook on world supply-demand balance and price prognosis for steam coal and freight.

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Periodically updated 20-year outlook on potential system change investments and fundamentals for Germany.

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