About MKonline

MKonline is an independent web-based analysis service for the European energy market.

Drawing on two decades of experience MKonline benefits from a vast knowledge base. Our staff includes experts in international and regional power and energy markets, climate policy, green power, mathematical and economic modeling, forecasting methodologies and market reporting. MKonline also relays analysis, market intelligence and news from a number of third part suppliers.

We provide timely and high resolution forecasts of fundamentals and prices for the short, mid and long-term horizon. Our standard products cover 24 countries across Europe. Clients also benefit from a comprehensive weather service adapted to the energy market's particular needs.

MKonline serves a large number of clients, including several of Europe's major power and energy companies and financial institutions.

MKonline, and its mother company Markedskraft ASA, have offices in Arendal and Oslo (Norway), Stockholm (Sweden), Aarhus (Denmark) and Berlin (Germany).

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